Wisteria Blossoms

Wisteria Vines


Lemon Blossoms


Binding: Star Quilt

Today we enjoyed of a lovely day of spring. The weather was warm and for some reason it felt like the sun was shining brighter. We spent some time in the garden watering the plants and enjoying how the garden is changing. The wisteria blossoms are slowly fading away and the vines are filling up with lush green foliage. My succulents are blooming, which makes me very happy.  For a moment this past winter I was deciding against growing them anymore. The winter hit them pretty hard and I thought maybe the weather around here was not suited for them. But now, that I see they are setting very well in the garden I'm thinking about increasing my collection. Also, the peach tree is looking healthy and it looks like we are going to have a good crop this year. I'm looking forward to making peach jams and preserves.

I also spent some time in my sewing room. It was a good sewing day. I finished quilting  my Star Quilt, now I just need to add the binding... almost there, almost there!

Have a wonderful week!