Lemon Cake

It looks like summer has arrived: and with that peaches from our tree. Yesterday we picked the first ones! I have been literally stalking the peach tree for the past two months: waiting eagerly for the fruit to ripen. -Is it wrong to be this excited about fruit? - I know it is just fruit, but I can't help it. I love the flavor of fresh fruit just picked from the tree. There is nothing like it... warm from the sun yet it tastes fresh.

The trees from the garden have been very generous this year. We are still picking lemons. Thus, I couldn't help myself and baked a lemon cake. I adapted it from this recipe from Bon Appetit Magazine. The only changes that I made was to bake it in a 9"X9" square pan and added the glaze. I used this recipe for the glaze (the one from my double lemon cookies). It makes an excellent snack or tea cake. Totally recommend it.

Well,  now I'm off to eat some more peaches and maybe sew for a little bit. I've missed my sewing machine. I feel like we have been apart for a long time.

Have a wonderful week!